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We are a team of ladies who work for an online women’s fashion retailer. We vary in ages with over 40 years between our oldest and youngest blogger. We are all passionate about creative style and we want to give you an insight in to the fashion world.

We have varied job titles to our name, including fashion stylist, fashion buyer, model and online sales advisor. We will be giving you an inside look in to our journeys when we go buying, looking for new designers and labels to stock in Walkers.Style. We love to offer advice on how to create a wearable wardrobe which lasts much longer than high street trends and will offer you a more sustainable fashion. We will share with you our individual style and give you styling ideas and tips. 

Most trends in fashion are created by the fashion trend forecasters, who predict the future fashions for designers. These key trends get picked up by fashion editors and celebrities who encourage them on to the mass market. Here at Walkers, while we are conscious of the current trends, we don’t go looking for the fashion designers who have kept within those trends, because we have no boundaries or limits to which we have to abide by. When we go buying for the next season we strive to find the most cutting edge and unique designs which can express our customer’s individuality and unique style.

A little bit about Sandie. When I was eighteen I went to study for a Textile Design degree at Derby University. I had a passion for fashion prints and creative fabrics.ABP_8279

After completing, at 21 I spent the next year travelling and working around Australia. Upon my return I gained employment in Fashion Retail, starting in an independent wedding dress boutique, then on to managing an American designer brand within House of Fraser. In March 2012 I started at Walkers: I love working for Anne as I get to express my individuality at work, which is rare for the fashion industry as often when you work for designers or brands they want you to fit in with their brand image. Here at Walkers we can all express our own style: my style is based on layering and I like to mix and match all my items in my wardrobe. I love German designers and my favourite is Rundholz, I am usually a size 10, and I am not the most colourful dresser but love creative asymmetric designs.

 I married my husband Sam in May 2013 and went on a wonderful honeymoon to Thailand, I do love travelling, and being able to travel as part of my work when buying is fantastic. Last year I had a years maternity leave after giving birth to my wonderful daughter, so now I am back and excited about being able to continue this blog with my collegues. When I was thinking about a career in fashion I would have loved to have gained an insight in to the amazing world of fashion. I hope when you read this blog it will give you inspiration with your own style.  

A little bit about Ottilie, I studied Fine Art at bath school of Art and design, after leaving Uni I started working for Walkers.Style I love that I get to combine my love for Art and fashion. My favourite designer is Lurdes Bergada.


A little bit about Jill. Most mornings I have to pinch myself. How can it be that, at the age of 70 next year, I am working at Walkers, modelling the clothes, talking to customers all over the world, and most importantly, wearing the clothes? How can this be? On Spring and Summer days I cycle to work along the coastal path, watching the sun rise over the ocean – fishing boats chugging, seagulls screaming, waves rippling, sea sparkling. I am just so lucky!  I have only recently completely retired as a teacher – a job I have just loved – and it is great to remain working on a part-time and non-stressful basis  here at Walkers HQ.

I ‘discovered’ Walkers about 20 years ago when I was searching for stockists of Oska – and vividly remember the moment I stepped through the door of Walkers of Pottergate.

My wardrobe has remained faithful to Walkers ever since. As a teacher I became famous for wearing dropped crotch trousers – staff were mainly perplexed but the children I taught loved them. When I retired the assembly featured Year 5 and 6 singing their own version of Baggy Trousers by Madness. What a moment. They were brilliant.

My own children and grandchildren either love ’em or hate ’em. Like Marmite. But I just love them.

My middle son is a teacher in Jordan and at the beginning of the month I went to visit him over 12 days – spending the weekends with him and on a cycling trip during the week while he was at school. I cycled over mountains, through deserts, from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, and camped under the stars with Bedouin hosts. It was an amazing experience.

My favourite designer is Mr Rundholz. I love his chunky boots and his dropped crotch trousers.

Keep them coming …



A little bit about Nicki, I started working at Walkers in November 2018. The majority of my past career was spent working for Disney in various different positions. After studying Film and Television at university, I worked on various shows before deciding to leave the industry and embarked on my first adventure with the Walt Disney Company… a graduate program at Walt Disney World in Florida. After that incredible experience, I was part of the opening team for one of their new Cruise Ships and got to travel around the Carribean. I returned home to be offered a position to manage a new collaboration with Disney and Harrods and opened a ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique’ within Harrods before being promoted to one of the store managers at the Flagship Oxford st store in London.

Upon joining Walkers, I hadn’t spent much time in the ‘fashion world’ but had plenty of customer service experience and couldn’t wait to bring my skills to this new area!

Personally, I had felt a little ‘lost’ with my own style, and felt constantly frustrated with high street stores. I never found anything that suited me, and If I did find something I liked, the fit was wrong.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve learnt alot from the other girls. I have found pieces that compliment me and have created a new personal wardrobe from selecting styles from the brands we sell at Walkers.

My favourite brand is ‘Lurdes Bergada’, it’s edgy and different from the high street, yet not too ‘out-there’ I find that you can style it for most occasions, meaning you can feel your best wearing it everyday and dressing it up for occasions! One of my favourite pieces, is the jumpsuit from the SS19 collection, being 5ft8 I often struggle to find jumpsuits that fit right, and this one is just perfect! Now I often get compliments from friends and family on the clothes I wear, which just shows the quality and unique nature of the clothes really do impress!
lb190015-jumpsuit-black-front-largeI’m now lucky enough to go on buying trips, my favourite of course being Barcelona where we buy Lurdes Bergada. I always joke that it’s like Christmas morning, the excitement of seeing the collection for the first time, trying things on and selecting peices that we know our customers (and myself) will love! The only problem is after you have fallen in love with everything, you have to wait 6 months to get your hands on it!

I can’t wait to share stories from our trips ( they are always eventful), and ideas on how to style the different collections! I love mixing up the brands and getting really creative!

 ‘Walkers’ was set up by our boss Anne in 1990. Anne’s European travels, particularly Germany, proved that there were some amazingly creative designers, dressing woman in an extraordinary stylish way…. and this somewhat artistic styling seemed not to be present in the UK at the time.
Raised eyebrows from the established retailers and fashion writers proved Anne had touched a nerve, and buying from instinct rather than format, meant Walkers could experiment. It seemed that the crazier styles flew out the door, and the ‘safer’ choices hardly moved. So Walkers ethos was formed.

Anne set up the internet website in 2004, intrepidly dipping her toes into unknown waters. Anne was not certain that there would be a customer wanting to buy, without her stepping into the shop to go through the ‘trying on’ stage and browsing through lots of rails. But to her delight, there are ladies worldwide, who know what they want, and who get straight onto the website and order away quite happily.

We hope you enjoy Reading our Blog, Love the the Walkers.Style Girls.

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