The Spring Collection from StudioB3 will be arriving soon!!!

We have stocked StudioB3 at Walkers.Style for 2 seasons now… We all love it and it works really well with our other brands: Rundholz, Lurdes Bergda and Mama b.

For this Spring we have grown our selection, as the collection was really strong. It should be arriving at Walkers in the next week, just in time for Christmas.


Studio B3 Spring 2018 collection


We have picked our biggest selection ever for Spring 2018

Designed and made in Poland, the collection has a great avant garde feel to it and is made to a high quality. The collection for Spring 2018 has two colours which both complement the Black really well: a mid brown grey called Earth Grey; and a lighter sand colour called Ash Grey.

There are a few pieces in the collection which stand out to me as they can be worn in a couple of different ways – one being a top called Eryana,which can be worn as a long dress or a double layer top.

ERYANA top-dress_2

Eryana worn as a dress.

ERYANA top-dress_1

Eryana worn as a double layer top.

In addition we have the Halfee top which has two parts: a left and a right. You can wear both together as a full top or just one side over another top or dress, for a really edgy look.


Halfee top.


One side of the Halfee top, the shorter side can also be worn separately.

The studio B3 collection is such fun to style and the pieces are great for layering. I know I will be wearing my pieces straight away and mixing them with heavier Winter styles in my wardrobe.