Rundholz Buying trip to Dusseldorf

This Seasons buying started off in Dusseldorf, when Keely and I met Anne in the foyer of the Hotel Maritim , and set off to the Rundholz showroom. We had no trouble finding it…to highlight this seasons colour theme, the windows were painted bright red and the display inside was a couple of red chairs next to a pile of red fabric, It was so different and stood out, It had the feel of entering a night club rather than the clothing showroom.

rundholz showroom

Anne and I outside the Rundholz show room

As you walked in the Dip collection was very striking as it was two shades of red,  a dark wine colour and a brighter red.

The Rundholz girls all looked stunning in next seasons collection. There is crushed dirty rich velvet fabric and soft knitted wools and jerseys. As usual Mr Rundholz has pushed the boundaries in his designs, with trousers which look like you’re wearing two pairs and dresses with stitched shaped of dresses on the front….


Rundholz Dip the red crushed velvet


Rundholz Dip Dark wine coloured red, in the skirt that look like trousers

We headed down the stairs to see the black label collection and Rundholz inspiration for next A/W is tea and coffee, so the colours are brown, elephant grey, charcoal and a brown/green and the usual black.
The Prints are inspired my coffee and tea plantations. As always attention to detail is brilliant,  so creative, and wonderful fabric choices, even down to the buttons, which were little black crosses.


Brilliant jeans with the bear print from Black label


Anne modelling the bear print tunic

We spent nearly all day here choosing the collection which Anne, keely and I all loved as there was something for every one, good design, some bold colour choice and great patterns. It really doesnt matter how old you are, or what your body shape is!
We couldn’t believe it when at the end of the day the Rundholz girls said that Mr Rundholz and his wife Lenka would like to take us out for dinner that night to a lovely little restaurant a few doors down the road from the show room.

Keely and I were so excited, Anne has met Carsten and Lenka Rundholz lots of times in the past 16 years when she has been in Dusseldorf but it was a first for keely and I, and as Mr Rundholz is rather a shy man, and not prone to lots of social gatherings, we felt really honoured.

It was great to meet Carsten, Lenka and the rest of the Rundholz team and we had a really memorable evening, the meal was fantastic but the company was exceptional as it was so great to hear Carsten talk about how he first started in the fashion industry and his inspirations for his collections.IMG_1035

It was a late evening and we all had to work the next day so we said our good byes and went back to the hotel, Keely and I were on such a high after meeting one of our most loved Fashion Icons/idol that it did take us ages to fall asleep that night.

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  1. Dear All,

    I would like to buy brilliant jeans with bear print in size s,is it possible?

  2. Love the rundolhz jeans. Purchased 2 and amazed regarding soft cotton jean, perirectal comfort specific to good airflow and no binding. I am a 61 yo proud, happy, blessed female, so excited with this style I have incorporated with my other fashion wear.

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